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Thurman Grant Architect

Thurman Grant is working with HomeWorks: Bronzeville to realize the creation of the first artist and cultural hub located at the corner of N. 4th Street and W. Meinecke Avenue in Bronzeville. Grant's designs focus on rehabilitating and remodeling existing homes in the neighborhood into spaces that jointly house residential and cultural programs. Working closely with the HomeWorks: Bronzeville Directors since 2016, Grant has helped identify the potential of the existing Bronzeville homes and broader neighborhood sites to help achieve the goals of rehabilitating residential and commercial properties and creating environments that can facilitate the engagement of neighbors and visitors, as well as encourage sustainable growth for artists and the Bronzeville district.

Grant is a Los Angeles-based architect and educator who specialises in residential and commercial architecture and interiors. He is a former adjunct faculty member at the Woodbury School of Architecture, teaching in the interior architecture and architecture programs as well as through the university’s programs in Italy and China from 2005-2016. Grant has contributed to a long list of built residential, commercial, institutional and urban design projects, as well as award-winning design competitions in the U.S. and Asia. Grant is the former president of the LA Forum for Architecture and Urban Design, where he sat on the board of directors from 2009-2013. His first publication, Dingbat 2.0: The Iconic Los Angeles Apartment as Projection of a Metropolis, was released by DoppelHouse Press in collaboration with the LA Forum in 2016.