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SPLASH! Jazale’s Edition

SUMMER, 2018

A SPLASH! of color was added in Bronzeville. On Aug 16, 2018, Mikal Floyd-Pruitt produced another episode of Splash!, which is his interactive, community-based, variety-show that explores culture in Milwaukee. Working in collaboration with Jazale’s Art Studio, which recently moved to it’s new home at 1950 N Doctor M.L.K., the event was held during a back to school block party, entitled Building Bridges. Brown St., which runs along the side of the Jazale’s Art Studio, was blocked off to make way for over 100 students and community members. Children excitedly lined up to participate while the older attendees took seats and watched. Mikal Floyd-Pruitt provided a humorous performance at the show’s host, while live music played by Klassik set a energetic vibe and accented the bursts of color. Connecting with the theme of Building Bridges, contestants were faced with trivia questions about black history and achievement. Winning contestants got to launch paint-filled water-balloons at four large panels that were prepared with designs created by Vedale Hill. The images were slowly revealed as the panels were progressively covered in paint.

This edition of Splash! was made possible through the support of the Milwaukee Arts Board & Jazale's Art Studio.