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PROCESS documents the development of the Outcomes articulated in the HomeWorks: Bronzeville charter. These Outcomes include the creation of customized creative live-work owner-occupied properties with artist property owners which will be rehabilitated from City foreclosures and vacant lots; identification of additional properties and artist property owners; procurement of manageable property loans for artist property owners with a rent-to-own option; attracting creative entrepreneurship businesses to own and occupy rehabilitated properties; and creating year-round, arts-focused, sanctioned public programs on the interior and exterior of the properties in alignment with existing initiatives.
The documentation in PROCESS begins in Summer 2016 with our site visits to evaluate properties in the Bronzeville district. Work on the first live-work property, a rehabilitation/conversion of a two-story duplex into a single-family residence for Vedale Hill and his family, commenced in August 2017, was completed in late 2018, and the family moved into the house in early 2019.

HomeWorks: Bronzeville ARCH Program Presentation, February 2020
HomeWorks: Bronzeville Open House & Art Exhibition, August 2019
The First HomeWorks Bronzeville Project is Completed, December, 2018
4th Street House Update, Fall,  2018
4th Street House Construction Continues, Spring,  2018
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4th Street House Construction Site Visit with City Staff, December, 2017
4th Street House Construction Site Visit, Fall, 2017
Homeworks: Bronzeville featured in Urban Milwaukee, August, 2017
4th Street House Design Drawings, August, 2017
ARCH Program Paperwork Signing, August, 2017
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Neighborhood Walk with City Representatives, Summer, 2016