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HomeWorks: Bronzeville  is co-directed by Mikal Floyd-Pruitt of I Am Milwaukee, Vedale Hill of Jazale’s Art Studio and Sara Daleiden of MKE<->LAX. Additional collaborators include the City of Milwaukee, CUPED Corporation, Thurman Grant Architect, Strong Blocks, Bradley Contractors and other cultural leaders from the District and the city.
The Project is guided by City leadership including Alderwoman Milele Coggs, the Bronzeville Advisory Committee, and Rhonda Manuel of the Department of City Development in connection with the City’s Bronzeville Redevelopment Plan, the Bronzeville Artist Housing Report and the Art and Resource Community Hub (ARCH) Loan Program.

Mikal Floyd-Pruitt / I Am Milwaukee
Vedale Hill / Jazale’s Art Studio
Sara Daleiden / MKE<->LAX
Thurman Grant Architect
Strong Blocks, LLC