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Mikal Floyd-Pruitt

Mikal Floyd-Pruitt is a multi-disciplinary artist whose works include paintings, sculptures, modified clothing items, and found-object assemblages. After graduating Harvard University in 2006 Floyd-Pruitt moved his art practice back to Milwaukee, where he grew up. Floyd-Pruitt started rapping and producing music as a youth, taking up the moniker MC Mikal. These early forays into making music led to his first collaborations with other artists. Along with his personal art practice, he is also a community artist and cultural producer. His involvement includes “putting together projects with youth groups, serving as creative consultant on various public art projects, and going into organizations to help them accomplish an idea.”

“As an artist I take a multifaceted approach to creating. I studied filmmaking in college, taught myself to paint, took some screen-printing classes, dabbled in a bit of sculpture, and essentially when I think of something, I try to figure out how to make it,” said Floyd-Pruitt. “It’s all sort of one creative mash-up for me.” Floyd-Pruitt is currently engaged in hip-hop-focused projects, inspired by such artists as producer J Dilla, and rapper Ghostface Killah, a former member of Wu Tang Klan. His work was featured in a larger installation series exhibited at Jazale’s Art Studio in Bronzeville at the end of 2016. “We did a series called Art House Trap. The intent was to create a free, intergenerational community event, where people were welcome to experience the creative process and participate in a discussion about hip-hop,” Floyd-Pruitt said. “I have a lot of recording to do, and I’m excited about my next body of work. Hip hop, liberation, jilted youth, I’m about that.”

“I also rep I AM MILWAUKEE,” said Floyd-Pruitt, referring to the logo he designed and trademarked. “It’s a lifestyle brand promoting unity, creativity, pride and ownership in Milwaukee.” The brand offers apparel, and is going to expand soon to develop media to showcase the city’s creativity and talent, he said. “I’m from Milwaukee; I grew up here. After I graduated from college I came back here and to me it’s my home. It’s important to me to see the art market and the culture develop and expand and I think it’s a challenge worth taking on.” 

Top 5 Choices, 2016. A guest takes in the responses left by others before he contributes to Mikal Floyd-Pruitt’s interactive installation piece for Art House Trap Art at Jazale's Art Studio. Photo credit: Mikal Floyd-Pruitt, © Mikal Floyd-Pruitt and Vedale Hill, 2016.

Visit Mikal's website here.

Video at top and partial text taken from article on Mikal in the Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service by Mitchell Mittelstedt, published on June 5, 2017. To see the full article click here.