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HomeWorks: Bronzeville, is a cultural development project initiated in 2016 and located in the Bronzeville Cultural and Entertainment District in Milwaukee. We seek to cultivate North Avenue and the blocks that surround the main street from 4th to 6th from Meinecke Street to Garfield Avenue.   HomeWorks: Bronzeville and its leaders are actively engaged in the community and development of Bronzeville in relationship to North Avenue which is further stimulating new arts, culture and business investment. 
Through news links, videos and blog posts, COMMUNITY gathers information on HomeWorks: Bronzeville collaborative projects, as well as related neighborhood development and activities.

Jazale’s Studio hosts Sculpture Milwaukee Program, July 2018
Recently opened Five Points Gallery featured in Art City, December 2018
Five Points Gallery Grand Opening, November 2018
SPLASH! Jazale’s Edition, Summer 2018
Milwaukee Bucks Art Collection features Vedale Hill, August 2018
Jazale’s Studio hosts Sculpture Milwaukee Program, July 2018
"Bronzeville" Letters  at Arts & Culture Fest 2018
Building Bridges opening at Jazale’s Art Studio featured in Urban Milwaukee 
Bronzeville Week 2018
RISE and SHINE: Bronzeville
Art House Trap and Bronzeville Autumn
Iconic Bronzeville Mural Restored to Inspire Next Generation
Black Male Artists Bring ‘Fresh Perspectives’ to Bronzeville
New Black Holocaust Museum site Groundbreaking
Transforming Historic Garfield Avenue Elementary School
Big Ideas for Bronzeville?