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HomeWorks: Bronzeville, is a cultural development project initiated in 2016 and located in the Bronzeville Cultural and Entertainment District in Milwaukee. We seek to cultivate North Avenue and the blocks that surround the main street from 4th to 6th from Meinecke Street to Garfield Avenue.   HomeWorks: Bronzeville and its leaders are actively engaged in the community and development of Bronzeville in relationship to North Avenue which is further stimulating new arts, culture and business investment. 
Through news links, videos and blog posts, COMMUNITY gathers information on HomeWorks: Bronzeville collaborative projects, as well as related neighborhood development and activities.

Jazale’s Studio hosts Sculpture Milwaukee Program, July 2018
Recently opened Five Points Gallery featured in Art City, December 2018
Five Points Gallery Grand Opening, November 2018
SPLASH! Jazale’s Edition, Summer 2018
Milwaukee Bucks Art Collection features Vedale Hill, August 2018
Jazale’s Studio hosts Sculpture Milwaukee Program, July 2018
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Building Bridges opening at Jazale’s Art Studio featured in Urban Milwaukee 
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New Black Holocaust Museum site Groundbreaking
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Big Ideas for Bronzeville?

Jazale’s Studio hosts Sculpture Milwaukee Program

July, 2018

During the summer Vedale and Darren hill introduced students from Jazale's Art Studio to the concept of public art contributing to the quality of life and walkability of a neighborhood. Students experienced a field trip where they explored the sculptures installed along Wisconsin avenue for the Sculpture Milwaukee initiative. The transformative powers of public art is integral to the mission of HomeWorks and we're excited to pass that enthusiasm to younger generations.

Everyone had a great time during the Sculpture Milwaukee program this summer. These little artists can't wait to learn more and do some of their own sculptures.

Recently opened 5 Points Art Gallery & Studios featured in Art City

December, 2018

The newly opened 5 Points Art Gallery & Studios is featured in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal’s Art City section, in which artist Della Wells talks about the importance of having a gathering space for black artists. Artist Fatima Laster has converted the former Johnson-Goolsby Funeral Home, into the 5 Points Art Gallery & Studios, a two-story, mixed-use development that includes a large main gallery, a boutique, nine artist studios, a commercial kitchen and two apartments. The conversion was supported by the city’s ARCH program (Art and Resource Community Hub). Laster wants to increase the representation of artists of color and those who are marginalized in other ways, as well. She also wants 5 Points to be a platform from which local artists become known in other markets. When she talks about the place, she uses words like "mecca", "hub" and "Renaissance."

Fatima Laster converted the former Johnson-Goolsby Funeral Home, located at 3514 N. Port Washington Road, into art spaces. Laster is an artist who also operates her own interior design firm.

Photos: Angela Peterson/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Read the whole article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Art City, published December 2, 2018 here.

Grand opening of the Five Points Art Gallery

November, 2018

An event to celebrate the grand opening of the Five Points Art Gallery and Studios, an Art Resource Center Hub (ARCH)-supported house remodel, was held on November 17th, 2018. Fatima Laster bought the foreclosed Johnson-Goolsby Funeral Home, located at 3514 N. Port Washington Avenue, in March 2018 and has successfully transformed the building into the Five Points Art Gallery and Studios. The ARCH program is an initiative started in 2017 in which the city provides a grant of $25,000 which an artist or interested resident matches in order to rehab a foreclosed property, transforming it into a livable and working art studio or resource hub for the community. HomeWorks: Bronzeville is a recipient of the ARCH program grant to support the rehabilitation of a cluster of houses at the corner of Vel R. Philipps and Meinecke Avenues.

Top Image: Vedale Hill & Mikal Floyd-Pruitt at the opening of the Five Points Art Gallery.
Bottom: images from the gallery opening.

Images: Pat A. Robinson

Milwaukee Bucks Art Collection features Vedale Hill

August, 2018

On August 26, 2018 Milwaukee’s new sports and entertainment venue officially open its doors to the community. The open house included a chance to view the Milwaukee Buck's Art Collection. Artist Vedale Hill, co-founder of Jazale's Art Studio (1950 N. MLK) was one of 32 artists selected from 1,200 to be featured. Hill produced two separate three dimensional pieces that incorporate real objects onto abstract backgrounds. According to MIAD's website, "Hill is thrilled have his work accepted into Fiserv Forum." Also, the website shares that Hill was directly influenced by the sport of basketball, which can be seen in many of the pieces he creates.