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ACRE Panel Discussion

December, 2018
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Participating as a panel member for the ACRE Networking Happy Hour: Real Estate & the Arts was a great experience. It was encouraging to converse with an audience of developers, future developers and artists and start to develop common language around the mutually beneficial relationship that can exist between art and real estate. I came to understand that artists and real estate developers often share common goals and thoughts, and with increased contact and collaboration can more effectively and efficiently achieve the desired outcomes. More discussion around the idea of 'value' is needed because it is a bit tricky to translate aesthetic and cultural contributions into dollar amounts on a spreadsheet. It was agreed that there is monetary value in the beautification, design, and cultural programming artists can bring to real estate developments, and I look forward to developing a more concrete way of communicating this value throughout the various steps of the development process.

-Mikal Floyd-Pruitt

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